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2017 IndieReader Discovery Award Winner for Young Adults!



Short Description:  Fighting monsters and dragons with trolls and pixies, Billy Bedivere faces the magical creature Dragon Queen in the fight of his life!  An epic fantasy adventure book for kids 9-12


Would you like to leave on a camping trip poor and come back rich? But what if that meant fighting a vicious huge blue bunny, or a big black bear, or man-eating trees or a two-headed dragon guarded by giant spiders? That's what happened to Billy on a weekend camping with his dad and friends. Told by his dad not to cross the creek, Billy does just that when he hears the call for help from inside a large cave in the side of a cliff. Billy, the good scout, goes in the cave alone concerned that someone was in trouble. As he moved deeper and deeper into the cave Billy falls into a vortex that sweeps him into another world. It is a brilliant but very strange place. It appears to be a one-way trip until he acquires some very strange and even famous characters as friends starting with a rose that has been calling out for help because a large bunny has been eating them. Rose informs him that the only person who can help him get home would be the genie and tells him how to get there. On the way Billy encounters Hansel and Gretel who accompanies him on his journey. After their near fatal encounter at the chocolate house of the witch they make it to the genie who informs them that the only way home is to defeat the Dragon Queen, a two-headed dragon at Flagara's house of Sad Faces. To return home Billy must grow up fast if he is to survive and conquer the biggest challenge of his life- if he can. Does he have what it takes? He's just a kid but he'll need to be a man to get home. Billy Bedivere must defeat the Dragon Queen but first his life will change forever along the way! It changes because of his new friends- a droll named Sparkie, a pixie named Pippy and a talking dragon named Dreadon to name three, and there are many more. Billy succeeds in getting through the Dark Forest and to Flagara's house of Sad Faces where the great dragon is protected by a hoard of giant spiders. The Dragon was once a princess that was cursed by another very evil witch. Billy is victorious in his battle with the dragon but that victory will reveal something even more shocking. And that will change everything again!




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"BILLY BEDIVERE tells a compelling story not bogged down in world building while also giving enough information for readers to piece together a new, delightful setting. It is still an exciting read with no dull moments. BILLY BEDIVERE is a fun, imaginative romp that is great for all ages."





Billy wipes his eyes, takes a big breath.... tries to memorize this amazing scene: Hansel and Gretel, the big shiny lamp, pixies, flowers, snails, trolls, even a dragon. “Wow, nobody’s ever going to believe us.” Billy looks down at the gold coin in his hand. “Then again, maybe they will..”

from Billy Bedivere in the Quest for the Dragon Queen

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