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Dr. Sproles, award-winning author and screenwriter, poet, sculptor and songwriter, endeavors to create exciting stories and characters for young adults or find heroes in our culture to bring to his reader’s attention. He has a life-long love affair with the fantasy/science fiction genre and loves sharing that affection to enrich the lives of his readers as well as himself. Dr. Sproles endorses and promotes creative pursuits to all who will listen. Using all tools available, Dr. Sproles believes that the power of writing is to help readers visualize what is written and stimulate their imagination.

Sproles is currently writing the sequels to his first two books, as well as two adult historical fiction books. He is currently sculpting all the characters in his book Billy Bedivere to give his readers the author’s rendition of what they might look like. At some point those may be available as toys. He is developing an interactive section on his website that may include video games using his books as the design. 

In his spare time he loves to golf (at war with writing). He is supported by his loving wife, Sarah, an author herself, and their son, Brady, and his daughters Marisa and Alana.

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