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Secrets to the sequels to Billy Bedivere in the Quest for the Dragon Queen and The Train from Outer

Welcome! This my first blog for my new website focusing on my two new books, Billy Bedivere in the Quest for the Dragon Queen and The Train from Outer Space. Billy Bedivere is an epic fantasy fighting monsters and dragons with trolls and pixies. Billy Bedivere faces the magical creature Dragon Queen in the fight of his life! An epic fantasy adventure book for kids 9-12.

In The Train from Outer Space a tween underachiever, Brady, finds himself an unwitting player in a diabolical (alien) intergalactic (outer space) game. Now it’s up to him and his friends to figure out how to save the world before the game is over…forever!

I am currently working on the sequels to both books. In the Billy Bedivere Kingdom of Legend series, Book 2 will be a bit scarier than the original plus I will be introducing some new, really weird creatures as Billy must go to The Erebos Sanctuary, the evil dark underworld to the Kingdom of Legends, to save ___________. Oops, I can’t reveal that! Here’s a secret- Billy will be in much greater danger in Book 2. He’s going to need more than luck to get out of this one. Sargashon will be waiting for him with all guns loaded.

In The Train from Outer Space Book 2, Brady will be caught up in a galactic war with very nasty aliens who owned the worm hole reverser that Brady “bought” on the planet where Lil Dude sent him to save Earth. That will put Earth and Lil Dude’s planets at risk of destruction, but Brady will somehow save both at the last second and become an intergalactic hero while irritating the mysterious galactic game players.

I know you will like them.

My next blog will be on my sculpting of all of the characters in Billy Bedivere. With pictures!


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